Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ultimate Frisbee

This time when I taught I felt more comfortable. I got the topic early so that I could research it a little bit so I knew what I could teach about it. I still feel like I need to talk louder to the class and get more involved.If the teacher gets involved in the activity then the students will follow. If the the teacher is not excited on what they are going to teach, then the students will not even pay attention. They will be off doing their own thing. What I thought I did well on is that I asked a question to the class and all of them raised their hands so I knew they were ready for the lesson. As soon as I asked that question and they raised their hands, I knew they were paying attention so I thought I did a good job at drawing them into the lesson.It is a great idea to give a good hook because that is what helps the students pay attention to what is going on. They will want to participate in the lesson (see feedback analysis). What I did not do so well this time around is that I did not go over too many cues with them before we started.Cues are a big part to the lesson. This is what helps the students remember on how to throw a Frisbee or dribbling a basketball. I should have said some cues so they would know better (see verbal transcript). Another thing that I thought I did well on is that I felt more enthusiastic with the lesson. That also helped draw the students in.

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