Thursday, October 22, 2009

The new game of Dodgeball?

Could there be a way to make dodgeball part of your lesson in physical education classes? If you stop and think about it dodgeball is one of the worst games to be played. A lot of students are just standing around, talking, hiding from the ball, and students could even get hurt in this game. But what happens if we modify it so that this game can be fun and enjoyable to all students? In dodgeball, you do not want to get with the ball. Therefore you are always moving around, dodging, running, diving, and jumping. These skills sound like the skills you need in all the sports you play! Make a safety statement so that there will be less accidents likely to occur. Tell the students to only throw the ball below the waist and not to go for the head or upper body. Mix up the game a little bit. Don't just have two sides of the court and have students throw the ball back and forth at each other. Get them into teams and have a game of capture the flag with dodgeballs. Get the students moving and get them more involved into the game.

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