Tuesday, October 27, 2009

5 Alive back at St. Mary's!

A week later after superhero day, kids were still talking about it! When we got there, we went with the kindergarten kids. First, we went downstairs to the cafeteria and had some snacks and played a few games. When we were done having some snacks, we went outside on the playground. The kids taught me a new game called Lava Tag. Nick, member of our group, was it and he had to stay on the playground while the kids and I had to stay away from the playground or else he would tag us and then we would be the lava. Kids had a ball playing this game. When we went back inside, we all learned a new dance, thriller. We all got into a big circle and all of us did the thriller dance! It was great seeing everybody having a good time!

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  1. Try and give specific interactions that you had with students. Yes you have Lava Tag but try and include interactions with certain individuals.