Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I need to talk louder and explain things better. I should also try to keep the students in front of me and not have my back turned toward them. I thought I did a better job at giving feedback this time than I did in my first lesson. I should also include on what they did good at or what they need to work on. I also thought that I should be more active with the class. I feel like I did well with my time management throughout the class period. I should also smile more when I teach and get more into the topic.

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  1. Mike,
    To start, I would suggest not starting your class with "Today we will be working on..." It is better to start the class with some type of question, or state some kind of fact, to get the students thinking, and more interested in the lesson. You did a great job explaining your cues, for example, the "taking a picture of the ceiling" is an excellent cue, and you did a great job explaining how the power comes from your legs. You had a good demonstration, but make sure while demonstration you pinpoint the main cues you told the students before.

    You also did a great job with the checking for understanding at the end of your mini lesson, but I would suggest checking for understanding before you have the students go work with their partners. This way, you know that the students understand exactly what you are looking for while participating in the activity.

    As you mentioned, continue to work on your voice projection. It is probably better to be louder than you expect, so the students have no questions about what you expect of them. Also, work on your enthusiasm!! You want your students to be enthusiastic about being in your class, and that begins with you. Another suggestion I have is that when your students are out working with partners, and you want to change the task or challenge them, dont call them back into the middle, then send them back out again. Just yell to them what you want them to do, and demonstrate it. This cuts down on management and waiting time. The students are already out at their stations, and can just begin the next activity. Also, make sure you continue to challenge the students, so they do not get bored with the activity. Make sure you give specific feedback to your students as well. Your forms looked good, you had a lot of activity time in the lesson, which is always important.

    So far, I feel you are doing a great job, and you will continue to learn how to teach a quality lesson as you progress through this course. Learn from the mistakes you make, because it is very rare to have a perfect lesson. Most importantly, keep working hard and you will become a great teacher one day.