Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cardio Fun

Its time to get that body moving!! For our last Lab of the semester, I taught cardio activities. I felt very confident in what I was about to teach. I have been playing sports all my life so I felt like I knew a thing or two about cardio fitness. We had three teachers going on that day and I was the last to teach. I build my lesson around aspect of muscular strength. In my lesson, I had the class doing different kinds of pushups, situps and a bit of carido exercises. First thing, I had the students do a quick warm up so that nobody would pull a muscle. When I was doing the warm up, I was going over what we would be doing today in class just so that everybody was on the same page. When I was doing that, I should have turned down the music at the time because I wanted to have everybody hear what the directions were. Instead, I had to shout to the class what we would be doing. Pushups are a hard exercise to do. So I tried different activities dealing with pushups so that nobody would get bored and tired. I had them doing a normal pushup on the ground, then having them switch to the board. From there, we did a lot of different variations of pushups. One arm on the ground while the other one on the board, two arms on the board, feet on the board, clap pushups and one arm pushups. Everybody was doing very well. They kept right up and they were into it. Going into this lesson I felt very confident on what was going on. I knew my time limits on each activity so I did not have to worry about the time. I also thought that the music helped a lot. That gave them a little motivation to keep on going. Some things that I need to improve on is that I need to get more involved in the class. Students see the teacher doing the activity,then the students will want to join in. I thought that I needed to give back a little bit more feedback to the students and give them a little bit more motivation. I also need to improve on my visual aids. I did not even use them when I was teaching. I had Ricky demonstrate a pushup for the class and that is when I should have pinpointed on what he was doing right.If I were to teach this again, I would improve on my visual aids, volume of the music and to get more involved with the lesson. Overall, I had a great time teaching this lesson! The students were well involved and were having a good time. That is what I like to see!!

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