Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today we are going back in time! For this teaching assignment, we were to teach a sport or activity from a different country. My teacher partner, Kevin, and I thought that Kubb would be a great idea to teach. This time when I taught, I felt a little more comfortable. I felt like I knew the information and it was fun teaching a new sport to the class. The hardest part for me was finding an instant activity to go along with Kubb but we could not find one. So we decided to come up with Halloween tag. After the tag game was over, I got right into the introduction of Kubb. Went into the history and how it came about being popular not just in Sweden, but all over the world. What helped me a lot during this lesson was my visual aid. As you can see, I was referring to my poster, going over the history of the sport and the cues to throwing the Kubb. When I was demonstrating on how to throw the Kubb, I should have used a real ring, instead of doing it without one. The students were a bit confused at what I was asking them on how to throw it.During the class I should have gave more feedback to the class. Telling the students what I liked and what they can improve on. In matter of fact, there were some problems during the class that some students were just sliding the ring on the ground. If I had shown them while I was demonstrating, that would not have happened.

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